No Job security for many private teaching staff now. How to overcome this problem in this situation?

lakhs of Teaching faculties are claiming for unemployment now.


Completely unheard of ever. This is an unprecedented high. It’s literally off the charts.


And it’s true, the world has never experienced such a halt in economic activity before... we’ve never had billions of people in claim unemployment like this ever before...


It doesn't help make that chart less scary to look at.


Lakhs of Teachers and faculties lost their jobs in this pandemic


There is no Job security for private teaching staff now


So if there was ever such a thing as job security before, it’s now gone.


The advice that you can “go to school, get a degree, and get a secure job” isn’t going to work anymore. People have started to realize that.


But most people are totally unprepared. Who was expecting a virus outbreak to destroy so many jobs, companies and institutions? Many jobs will never ever come back.


But you know what


There’s something else about this that scares us


You don’t just suddenly have 1 crore people lose their jobs in few weeks without massive economic repercussions.


Where’s all the money going to come from to look after these lakhs of people that are now jobless?


Who’s going to pay their expenses?


And with the millions and millions who have very little money to spend, what’s going to happen to our teaching fraternity?


The small institutions are being hit hard. Big schools /colleges are being hit hard. Everyone is being hit hard. Things are looking very grim.


And who knows how long it’ll take to recover...




That’s why we are writing you this letter.


Whether or not you’ve been directly affected yet - now is the time to secure your livelihood. If things get a lot worse (which they easily could) and more and more people can’t provide for themselves or their families…


I don’t even want to think about what that would look like.


So you cannot let that happen to you and your family.


You need some form of ‘financial confidence’ so that even if things get worse, you have the required skill set and right guidance to make it through.


Now at this point, you may already know we trained thousands of teaching faculties and successfully upgraded their skill set and level of teaching


And if that’s for you, you can learn more about that in Beta Education


You could become a perfect Teaching Faculty any subject.
You could become perfect IIT JEE ,NEET Faculty.
You could become a perfect school teacher.
You could even become any subject/ skill expert.


And those are just a few more options. This new online world is full of incredible opportunities.


All you have to do is take action.


Beta Education

The Teaching Planet

Sunday 6th June 2021

Please call +91 99591 53308.

your personal case manager will ensure thate you receive the best possible care

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